Addressing the Language and Literacy Needs of Aboriginal High School VET Students who Speak SAE as an Additional Language

Vocational Education and Training (VET) in high schools has had positive effects on the retention of Indigenous students, providing important pathways into further education and the workforce. However, low level literacy (and numeracy) skills can make successful completion difficult especially for students who speak Standard Australian English as an additional language or dialect. This paper describes research undertaken to inform the development of a Second Language and Literacy Needs Analysis Model designed for high school VET teachers to address the needs of Indigenous students. The study draws on second language acquisition research which demonstrates the value of using tasks as the basis for language teaching syllabus design, with needs analysis as a fundamental aspect of this. The project centred on Aboriginal high school VET students from remote and rural communities in Western Australia, who speak English as an additional language/dialect. Data collected include: individual and focus group interviews; training materials; and, observation field notes on the language and literacy practices in classrooms and workplaces. The major findings focus on the development of oral language (for both job-oriented and social interactions in the workplace) and literacy skills as well as the need to overcome ‘shame’ and develop confidence for speaking to non-Aboriginal people.

Oliver et al – Addressing the Language In Press doc

Oliver, R., Grote, E., Rochecouste, J. & Exell, M. (2012). Addressing the Language and Literacy Needs of Aboriginal High School VET Students who Speak SAE as an Additional Language.  Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 41(2), 1-11. doi 10.1017/jie.2012.23

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    I am weeping with envy and joy looking at that. Its hard to tell which one is winning!and you have some amazingly generous and talented frnd.esialso kudos for not pigging out on any one dish.I for one probably lack that discipline!

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    Stellar work there evenroye. I’ll keep on reading.

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