About Kate Mullin

Kate Mullin was a passionate and visionary ESL Literacy consultant who made significant and far reaching contributions to Indigenous literacy in Western Australia.

Kate commenced working with the Association of Independent Schools of WA (AISWA) in 1999 and then worked with the Aboriginal Independent Community Schools (AICS) introducing Scaffolding Literacy to young Indigenous readers in WA with excellent results. Tragically Kate died in a car accident in 2008.

The Kate Mullin Association was set up in 2011 by her many friends and colleagues to continue Kate’s work on improving literacy outcomes for Indigenous students.


Our Purpose

The Association is established as a charity whose purpose is to improve the literacy levels of Aboriginal children by:

  • Developing and sharing good practice in the teaching of literacy to Aboriginal students through fostering a community of practice
  • Encouraging quality teaching through an annual Teacher Award
  • Encouraging more literacy teachers in Aboriginal communities through funding a Scholarship for the training of such teachers
  • Advocating for the literacy education of Aboriginal children with educational sectors and with Principals of schools with a significant number of Aboriginal students
  • Initiating other activities to enhance the literacy outcomes of Aboriginal students.