Yes Campaign

The Kate Mullin Association supports an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the upcoming referendum

Colonisation has not been kind to the flag-bearers of the world’s oldest continuous culture.  There is at present a significant humanitarian Gap between indigenous and non-indigenous in Australia.  As well as lower education standards, Indigenous people have poorer health and a lower life expectancy, twice the suicide rate, 14 times the incarceration rate, are homeless more, are employed less – it goes on and on.  And the Gap has not appreciably closed over the time it has been measured.

A lot of effort has gone into closing the Gap, but what we are doing is plainly not working, and billons of dollars are being wasted as a by-product.

Over 250 indigenous leaders gathered at Uluru to address this, and asked for a Voice to Parliament so they could be listened to.  Listening to indigenous people on issues that affect them will produce more informed politicians and public servants, better decisions, and ultimately better policy and laws.

To vote Yes for a Voice to Parliament is to change things for the better.  Voting No embraces the status quo and embraces the Gap.


Our Patron, Emeritus Professor Simon Forrest:

“All of us, we are here due to what has happened in the past.  We are a consequence of what has gone before us.  For all to know and understand the historical truths of our shared history is important to know and understand in contemporary Australian society.  The past will impact on one of the most significant days of this nation’s history on October 14, 2023. There is a real opportunity for each and every one of us over this vast country to change the course of our nation’s history.  Through the Uluru Statement of the Heart first nations people have asked all Australians to grant us a voice to the national Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.  The final sentence of the Uluru Statement states “we invite you to walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future” a gracious, compassionate request to our fellow Australians not only for a better future for first nations people but for all Australians.  While you might be writing “yes” or “no” on the ballot paper I put to you before writing your response to the constitutional amendment, a values proposition “is the right or wrong thing to do, to give first nations people a voice?”

“Kaya is a Nyungar word for hello. Kaya is also a word for the affirmative or yes. Yokai is a word as a shout out for victory.

“Kaya yokai”

Our previous Patron, Ken Wyatt AM:

“The Voice will give Indigenous Australians the opportunity to sit at the tables of government at every level. It also gives them the opportunity to talk about the things that are important to them.  It’s absolutely important because I want a future where my grandchild walks as an equal with every other Australian and does not face levels of disparity”


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